How to Register Your Tenancy Contract With Ejari in Dubai?

  • November 30 2021
تطبيق إيجاري

Are you looking to register your tenancy contract with Ejari? Here’s everything you need to know before proceeding with the Ejari registration.
Well, Ejari registration is mandatory for a variety of services. This includes renewing a resident visa, obtaining an internet connection, obtaining a commercial license, hiring domestic help, and most importantly, registering with the DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). 
For acquiring power and water services, the Dewa registration now requires a certified copy of the Ejari, as well as additional documentation.

Who Should Register for Ejari Dubai?

This is one of those points where the landlord and the tenant are at odds. According to RERA, the Ejari is the landlord's obligation and must be paid by the tenant.
Before registering a new tenant in the system, landlords must terminate the registration under the prior renter's name.

In most circumstances, the consultant who acts as a mediator between the landlord and the tenant may take on the obligation of Ejari registration, which is an extra service for which all parties should agree on compensation.
All parties involved in property lease and management, including landlords who manage their properties on a personal basis, licensed companies and legal representatives can be connected and authorized to register and issue contracts through Ejari's tenancy contract registration.

How Ejari Online Dubai Works?

Ejari registration is a simple process that requires little technological skills. The contract entails basic information, such as details about the property, the rental company's name, and the conditions of the rental agreement.  

When a contract is placed into the system and registered, it is given a unique barcode that serves as a reference throughout the contract's life. RERA will keep its own record of the agreement and will keep the register up to date as modifications occur.  

How to Register Ejari in Dubai

Before proceeding, you must double-check that your Ejari contains all deposits, contract terms and rent amount. 
There are three ways for which you can register for Ejari:

  • Online  
  • Via the official app
  • Going to a typing center  

The typing center will charge you a fee to register your tenancy contract with Ejari. To register your Ejari, go to the certified typing centers during working hours.
You will have to fill out a registration form. So, bring your new address and tenancy contract, as well as copies of the documents mentioned below:

Ejari Registration Documents

  • Passport copy
  • Tenancy contract
  • Title Deed of Rented Property
  • UAE visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Recent DEWA Bill or receipt of DEWA Connection

How Much Time Does It Take to Obtain Ejari?

Within 1 to 2 working days of completing Ejari registration, you will receive the official Ejari contract, which includes all terms and conditions as well as a unique Ejari ID. You can use this number to register for your power, water, phone and Internet services.

Key Advantages of Ejari Registration

There are several advantages to having the Ejari system in place, aside from ensuring that all rental transactions in the Emirates are clear and transparent:

  • As a tenant, it can assist you in conducting the necessary background check on the landlord and the property by asking historical data so that you are better informed about your arrangement.
  • It aids in the eradication of unlawful housing and unjust real estate exploitation.
  • Ejari registration ensures that landlords and tenants have a good working relationship.
  • There is no room for either the landlord or the tenant to commit fraud or tampering with documentation, which mitigates any future disputes.

When Is the Right Time to Renew Ejari?

Ejari must be renewed when you are about to change the property you are renting, or when the landlord is about to have a new renter.
You can use the Ejari app to submit any changes to your property for Ejari renewal documents, as well as the standard registration forms.

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