Is It Safe to Rent an Apartment in Dubai Without Ejari?

  • October 8 2021
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To meet the living standards of Dubai’s rising population, the bustling metropolis boasts an outstanding range of residential apartments. So, are you new to Dubai and don't know the rental laws here? Here’s what you need to know about how to rent an apartment in Dubai in a legal way. 

Once you have chosen the location, there comes the legal paperwork and documentation. It is advisable to rent apartment in Dubai with Ejari 

But What is Ejari?

Ejari is an online registration system commenced by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) requiring all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded. The primary goal of this system is to make the relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai more formal. 

Ejari is important because it protects and organizes all of your information and stores it at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA).  

Another advantageous feature of Ejari is that it ensures your right to go to court if you have a dispute with your landlord and have the court investigate your case. The court will automatically dismiss your case if you are not registered with Ejari. 

So, Is It Safe to Rent Apartment in Dubai Without Ejari? 

To be precise… No! 

The tenancy contract needed to rent apartment in Dubai is unenforceable in the absence of Ejari. In Dubai, the protection provided by a legitimate tenancy contract is only effective if you have the Ejari. In addition, having an extra Visa for your family is required by the Ejari. 

The Ejari can be handled by either the landlord or the renter. You can process the Ejari yourself if your landlord has not processed it. To conduct the Ejari, you need to send a copy of the contract to the real estate broker after it is completed as a courtesy.  

If your landlord has discouraged you from getting an Ejari to rent apartment in Dubai but has given you a valid tenancy contract, we recommend that you go through the process yourself and surprise him if he attempts something risky. 

New Rental Law in Dubai for Tenants

As a renter in Dubai, you have legal rights that must be respected. In the vast majority of circumstances, a properly registered tenancy agreement provides excellent protection.  

However, in order to make use of these rights, you must ensure that your contract is registered with the appropriate authorities. To do so, you must first register your tenancy with Ejari (the Arabic phrase for "my rent").  

You can only acquire your full rights as a renter if you register here. You may learn everything you need to know about the process in English and register your tenancy online. 

Documents Needed to Register for Ejari

You or your agent will need to register the contract with Ejari once you've signed it. For the contract to be a legally recognized document in the Emirates, this is one of the most critical stages in your guide to rent apartment in Dubai. The Ejari registration process is quite simple. 

You can either take your documents to a typing center or do it online using the official website. In your Ejari, make sure the deposits, contract period, and rent amounts are all properly specified. 

The following documents are necessary for registration: 

Tenant's original tenancy contract 

Landlord's title deed  

Tenant's and landlord's passport copies  

Copy of tenant's Emirates ID 

Security deposit receipt 

Cost of Apartment for Rent in Dubai Monthly 

It's a smart idea to narrow down your search location based on where you'll work before you start looking to rent apartment in Dubai. If you're moving with children, keep in mind the location of their school, as they'll have to travel during peak hours as well.  

By examining the available transit alternatives, you can choose a few neighborhoods to rent apartment in Dubai where you can travel without spending hours stuck in jammed traffic. 

Are you looking for a hassle-free procedure to rent a flat in Bur Dubai? Or do you want to know the cost to rent an apartment in Jumeirah 1? Get a free consultation with one of our experts today.