Landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs

  • May 15 2023
landlord and tenant responsibilities

Nowadays, many people choose to rent a house instead of buying one due to the advancements in urban life. For this reason, some individuals now consider the home rental market a lucrative business in the UAE real estate market. Although renting a property may seem simple, both landlords and tenants have rights that they should be aware of. Especially landlords 'and tenants' responsibilities in the field of repairs are one of the things that most people have problems with.

The main responsibility of the landlord is to ensure that the property is safe for rent and for the tenant to live in. In addition to this issue, the tenant has the duty to adhere to the terms of the contract. However, when it comes to repairs, both parties like to blame the other. Therefore, in this article, we decided to examine these duties and responsibilities from the perspective of the tenant and the owner.

Landlord Responsibilities for Repairs

The cost of home repairs

Landlord obligations to tenants are significant, and everyone should know them before renting a property. Understanding your responsibilities concerning maintenance in a rental property is crucial for landlords.  

Landlords' obligations are:

- Keep their rental houses safe and livable, ensuring all critical systems and appliances are in good working order.  

- Replace and fix any damaged or malfunctioning systems or equipment, including plumbing, electricity, and large appliances like the stove or refrigerator.

- Fix any problems that might endanger the health or safety of the renter in addition to these effective systems and appliances. This involves handling issues like mold, lead-based paint, or asbestos, which may be dangerous if not handled appropriately.  

- Keep their tenants' apartments safe and habitable as landlords are required to react to repair requests right once and complete any necessary repairs in a fair amount of time. Inaction may lead to legal action being taken against the landlord.  

Landlord and tenant responsibilities are completely two-way. So, let's look at the tenant's duties in the repair field.

Tenant Responsibilities for Repairs

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Understanding obligations about maintenance in a rental property are crucial for tenants.  

Tenants' obligations are:

- Keep the rented property in an acceptable state of repair and promptly notify the landlord of any needed repairs. This entails maintaining the property's cleanliness and preventing any harm outside of regular wear and tear.  

- Minor repairs like replacing air filters, unclogging drains, and changing light bulbs are the tenant's responsibility. However, to keep the problem from worsening, they must also notify any repairs that are required right away, no matter how modest. For instance, if a leaking faucet is not fixed, it may result in water damage and mold development, which would be quite expensive to fix.  

- Adhere to the conditions of their lease agreement regarding repairs. In certain leases, renters may be required to give written notice to the landlord, while in others, tenants may be mandated to employ a particular repair service. The repair expense may be passed along to the renter if certain conditions are broken.  

In the end, tenants should put their landlord's satisfaction first by reporting any needed repairs right away and abiding by the conditions of their lease.

Landlord vs. Tenant Responsibilities for Repairs

Tenant Responsibilities for Repairs

Both landlords and renters have duties to do when it comes to maintenance in a rental property. If you like to compare landlord and tenant responsibilities, this section is for you. Although the owners of the houses usually like to shirk their duties, they are in charge of keeping the home safe and livable, which includes fixing or replacing any significant systems or appliances that aren't operating as they should. They must also take care of any problems like mold, lead-based paint, or asbestos that might endanger the tenant's health or safety.

Tenants, on the other hand, are in charge of keeping the property in a decent state of repair and quickly reporting any repairs needed. This includes maintaining the property's cleanliness and keeping it free of harm beyond ordinary wear and tear. Minor maintenance tasks like replacing lightbulbs or clearing clogged drains are also the responsibility of tenants.

Renters are responsible for minor repairs and keeping the property in a decent condition, while Landlord obligations to tenants are in charge of substantial repairs and concerns relating to health and safety. The provisions of the lease agreement and regional legislation, however, may affect the precise obligations of each party. To guarantee that the rental property is safe and livable for the renter, communication and prompt reporting of problems should be prioritized by both landlords and tenants.

Importance of Communication Between Landlords and Tenants

landlord and tenant responsibilities

Any relationship, including the one between landlords and tenants, depends on effective communication. In the case of landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs, open and honest communication may assist to avoid misunderstandings, encourage prompt maintenance, and foster a pleasant living environment for the renter.

Maintaining open lines of communication between landlords and tenants is crucial for addressing any problems or difficulties as soon as they develop. For instance, tenants must notify the landlord right once they discover a leaky faucet or a broken item. To keep the property secure and livable, the landlord must act swiftly and perform the required repairs. Misunderstandings about the conditions of the lease agreement, such as who is responsible for repairs and upkeep, may be avoided with clear communication. Both landlords and tenants may prevent issues and make sure they are fulfilling their respective obligations by openly and explicitly clarifying these agreements.

Open communication can contribute to the development of respect and trust between landlord responsibilities repairs and tenants. This might result in a pleasant living environment where landlords are trusted to offer secure homes and renters feel cherished and respected. for a successful rental relationship, good communication between landlords and tenants is crucial. Landlords and renters may establish a pleasant living environment and a successful renting experience by prioritizing communication and working together to resolve any concerns that may occur.

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What Damage is a Tenant Liable For?

Landlord obligations to tenants

Any damage to a rental property that exceeds reasonable wear and tear is the responsibility of the tenant. So, landlord and tenant responsibilities are connected together. The term "normal wear and tear" describes the gradual degradation that happens to a property with repeated usage over time. Normal deterioration is exemplified by tiny scuffs on walls, worn carpets, and fading paint. However, tenants may be liable for harm like holes in the walls, broken windows, or damaged appliances that results from carelessness, misuse, or malicious behavior.

Can Landlords Charge Tenants for Repairs?

If the damage was brought on by the tenant's carelessness, abuse, or deliberate behavior, the landlord may seek payment from the renter for repairs. In such circumstances, the landlord may charge the renter for the expense of repairs or deduct it from the tenant's security deposit. However, according to the lease agreement or local laws, landlords are not allowed to bill tenants for repairs that are their obligation.

What Happens if a Tenant Damages a Rental Property?

A landlord may file a lawsuit to recoup the cost of repairs if a tenant destroys a rented property. Most of the time, the landlord will take the security deposit from the renter to cover the expense of repairs. The landlord may go after the tenant for the additional cost if the cost of repairs exceeds the amount of the security deposit. landlord and tenant responsibilities for repairs should not mislead a person who is allowed to do anything!

How Quickly Must Landlords Respond to Repair Requests?

The amount of time that landlords must reply to repair requests varies according to the seriousness and need of the repairs required as well as any local rules that may be relevant. However, landlords are typically required to respond to maintenance requests right away and complete any required repairs in a reasonable amount of time.

Can Tenants Withhold Rent if Repairs Are Not Made?

Landlord obligations to tenants depends on the individual regulations in the tenant's jurisdiction, however in some cases renters may be able to withhold rent if the landlord fails to make essential repairs. In general, before withholding rent, renters must adhere to specified legal requirements, such as giving the landlord written notice and giving a fair amount of time for the repairs to be done.

Are Landlords Responsible for Repairing Appliances?

The lease contract between a landlord and tenant specifies who is responsible for fixing appliances in a rented property. If the lease agreement states that the landlord is in charge of keeping the appliances in working order, the landlord is also in charge of fixing them. The renter is responsible for fixing appliances if the lease agreement states that the tenant is accountable for upkeep and repairs.

Can Landlords Require Tenants to Perform Repairs Themselves?

Unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement, landlords are not permitted to demand that tenants handle repairs themselves. Tenants are entitled to a safe and livable environment, and landlords are expected to maintain and repair the rental property.

How Can Tenants Document their Repair Requests?

By giving a written notification to the landlord or property management outlining the repairs required you can use landlord and tenant responsibilities. You can also do this by sending an email or text message, or by completing a repair request form made available by the landlord, tenants can document their repair requests. Tenants should preserve a copy of the request and record any correspondence they have with the landlord over it.


Maintaining a healthy landlord-tenant relationship and making sure that rental properties are well-maintained need clear communication and quick action. landlord and tenant responsibilities are always complicated. Tenants must promptly notify any required repairs and make written requests for them in order for them to be appropriately handled. It is the landlord's duty to keep the rental property safe and livable and to perform any necessary repairs as soon as they become necessary. Landlords and renters may make sure that repairs are finished quickly and effectively by cooperating and according to the law and lease agreements.

To make sure that you are adhering to the proper legal processes, it is vital to get expert guidance if you have any questions or concerns about the duties of the tenant and landlord. Reputable property management business Al Majid Property can offer direction and advice on a variety of landlord and tenant difficulties. Set up a meeting with our consultants right now to acquire the guidance you need to successfully negotiate the rental market.