Advantages of Working in Large Offices

  • July 7 2022
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There has never been a better time to rent an office in the Emirates since commercial real estate in Dubai now provides more flexible rent schedules due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This paves the way for renting large and spacious workplaces rather than going with small boring offices.   

A recent study indicated that a whopping 90% of tech workers would stay longer at a business that provided better workspace advantages, like nice location, sizable space, ergonomic seats, sit-stand desks, and healthy lunch alternatives.
Considering that, this blog entails some amazing benefits of renting a large office and why it is crucial for business owners to go with a spacious location. So, read on to know where to look for office space for rent in Dubai.


Benefits Of a Spacious Office for Your Employees

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Work-life balance isn't just a trendy phrase anymore; it essentially serves as a key performance indicator for the success of your business. 
Cubicles and poor fluorescent lighting are relics of a time before the internet began providing completely immersive workspaces.  

Human and environmental health are inextricably intertwined. Therefore, providing your employees with large stimulating workspaces is more important than merely keeping up with basic needs.  
Because of this, employees can excel for a variety of reasons. Here are some benefits of renting a vast workplace.

It’s All About Comfort
The workplace ought to be welcoming rather than small and cramped.
The most often stated causes of missed work days, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), can be lessened by adopting proper ergonomics, which can also boost productivity and lower their severity.  

Here are a few ideas for making distraction-free, spacious offices:
    - Designate locations for brainstorming, hot desks, and casual meetings in addition to smart, professional meeting rooms in Dubai.
    - Workstations designed ergonomically with standing and sitting options available.
    - Offer employees a variety of workspace.
    - Reduce noise from building systems and establish calm areas

Gives A Brand's Physical Perception
Because clients, customers, and visitors may physically experience a business's brand, an office space can help that business communicate its brand identity, values, and ethics. 
The perception that individuals have of an organization as they enter its doors has an impact on how successful it is. Therefore, this can also help with recruiting clients and new talent.

More Space Translates to More Productivity

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Open-plan offices and lower productivity are clearly and unmistakably related; according to some research, the decline in output is substantial—15 percent. 
Why? It's largely due to all the distractions. Your office has essentially transformed into a huge locker room as there are no walls to muffle the sounds and views of your nearby coworkers. 
Even though you might be working on a crucial client deliverable, the chatty coworker two desks down might give you a full breakdown of the previous weekend if you don't have a door to close. 

Large spacious offices are beneficial because this issue almost completely vanishes when it comes to enormous workplaces.

Workplace Influences Corporate Culture
A person's well-being at work is influenced by culture, which also makes them more enthusiastic and involved in their work. 
The daily workplace experiences of employees have a significant impact on a company's reputation and how it attracts and maintains talent.
It is more difficult to adopt activities and procedures that develop a solid corporate culture without a physical location.

Extra Benefits
Large office spaces frequently offer additional benefits to employees, such as discounted gym memberships, book clubs, and social gatherings. 
These affect the whole experience and your day-to-day life at work, even though they shouldn't be the deciding factors in where you choose to work.

Then There Is Better Space Management
Being able to implement and manage flexible working methods future-proofs your business for the next generation of employees.
This can improve your capacity to attract top talent to your team, especially at a time when remote working levels are greater than ever.
Additionally, space management does more than simply open your eyes to certain methods of working. You may effortlessly make departmental shifts and adjustments to raise your team's productivity and satisfaction levels by providing real-time statistics to your team.
Fundamentally, this will improve your company's capacity for agility and adaptability to the long-term demands of your employees.

The Happiness Factor
Employees in small offices are more likely to miss work due to illness than those who operate in large open environments. 
It doesn't take complex thinking to see how office walls could be helpful, given how many people come to work sick. 
People working in large offices are also happier, tend to be less stressed, are more creative, and are better able to concentrate.

Relationships & Collaboration

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The current fashion for design appears to favor collaborative open spaces. They demand locations where management and workers may interact to promote synthesis and creativity. 
However, not all businesses have the money or time to upgrade their present workspaces, much less construct enormous structures.
To create a more collaborative environment, straightforward actions can be taken. Taking down any desk partitions that are detachable can help staff connect with one another.  

Consider where the desks are located with respect to employee organization (for example, team structure or departments). 
How can a democratic workplace be established? Are supervisors approachable to employees if they have a question? The feng shui of this connection can be altered by anything, even an open-door policy.

What Is Necessary to Check While Renting Office Space?

Here are some things to consider when renting commercial real estate:

You must thoroughly research the site's accessibility and the environment it will offer you before renting a business center in Dubai. 
Our real estate management company can help you find the perfect space, such as Gharhoud Business Center, The Technic Building or The Business Center Bur Dubai, at 0% commission on rent for your office.

It is very important that the business facility you are renting from is secure. 
Take your time and investigate the security measures the business center of your choosing has in place so that after renting the office space, you can feel secure.

A corporate office needs to be strategically located in the city's center and have easy access from other parts of the city. 
Additionally, it is crucial that the workplace be accessible to amenities like stores, malls, banks, the metro, and airport.

Networking Possibilities
There will be nearby businesses if you rent office space at a business center in Bur Dubai. 
Before relocating, it is smart to get to know a few of them. Even your next client might be renting the unit next to you.

Best Commercial Real Estate to Rent in Dubai

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The advantages of having a large office cannot be overstated. It appears inevitable that work-from-home choices will become a regular part of working life in many businesses in the future. 
But shrewd employers won't just look for feasible work-from-home options; they'll also find the ideal ratio of in-person office attendance and remote involvement that keeps workers content and productive while maintaining the health and viability of the company.

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