General Overview of the UAE’s Rental Sector

  • July 14 2022
apartments for rent in Dubai

The UAE's rental sector is considered one of the most active economic sectors in the county. People who live or visit UAE look for properties and facilities to rent on a daily basis. In such a lively and dynamic country, many people search for properties to rent, whether tourists or residents. So, suppose you are looking for a short-term rental in Dubai, a vacation home rental, or a villa with a private pool for daily rent in UAE. In that case, the first step to making a good choice is understanding the rental sector in this country and then finding the right real estate companies in Dubai. 

Many people arrive in the United Arab Emirates for a two- or three-year contract job and end up living in this beautiful country. However, Emirates offers various comfortable choices to rent and settle, whether for the short or the long term. 


Why the UAE's Rental Sector is Unique? 

One of the most important reasons why the United Arab Emirates is considered one of the essential rental markets in the middle east is that the seven emirates are within driving distance of each other. Besides, the country features one of the best and fastest motorways, which means that moving between emirates is easy, cheap, and not time-consuming. 

Due to different researches and data collections, approximately 70% of the population prefers renting options other than buying properties. Buying a property in the United Arab Emirates can be very costly. Thus, most people turn to rent, whether residential or commercial properties. Moreover, the rental sector can offer numerous options for people looking for houses, villas, offices, or any other property in a costly-effective manner. 

One of the other features of the UAE rental sector is that the number of rental properties in the UAE doesn’t exceed the demand since the construction sector in the country is very fast and active. Therefore, this feature will allow you to take the needed time to search for the property you want and get it at a competitive price. 


Popular Places to Rent I 

Dubai Marina Dubai 

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is one of the most famous and dynamic sites in the United Arab Emirates. This area includes residential towers, commercial buildings, fancy restaurants, and a very relaxing and beautiful view next to the sea. The Marina is a luxurious and fancy place to rent if you are looking for a comfortable and safe place to live in with your family or an office to visit daily with a smile. 

Bur Dubai - Dubai 

Bur Dubai is an old vintage charming place in UAE that can be attractive for many. It's also very suitable for families as you can find many residential towers and villas in this area. In addition, Bur Dubai is considered a high cultural hub in Dubai and well-connected with the rest of the city. This area includes Zabeel Park, WAFI Mall, Zabeel Stadium, and numerous Arabic cafes and restaurants. 

Al Reem Island - Abu Dhabi 

Al Reem Island is a natural island located 600 meters off Abu Dhabi's northeastern coast. If you are visiting the UAE for a short or a long period and looking for a brilliant place to stay, this island is ideal to rent. It has a spectacular sea view, competitive properties price, and a lovely community to socialize. Al Reem island is not only suitable for residential rental, as the area includes numerous commercial sites that can hold your business. 

Al Tawwun Sharjah 

Apartment for rental in Sharjah 

What makes this place unique in Sharjah emirate is its strategic location nearby the canal-side complex of Al Qasba. This area offers various options of restaurants, art galleries, and entertainment places such as the Ferris wheel. Al Tawwun area is ideal for renting with your family if you plan to live in Sharjah. 

Khalifa City - Abu Dhabi 

Khalifa city has always been considered one of the most desired places for foreigners to rent, live, and also work. This area is highly-equipped with conveniences, medical centers, good schools, and luxurious suburbs. In addition, Khalifa city is calm and located away from the noise of big cities, making it ideal to live with your family. 


Types of Properties in the UAE 

As the construction sector in UAE is fast and developing every moment, the United Arab Emirates can provide numerous and various rental options for all, whatever your budget or quests. You can search for very luxurious villas with swimming pools or affordable apartments or penthouses, and we guarantee you will find your need. So, the question is: what types of properties can you rent in UAE? 

Commercial Properties 

Commercial Offices in Dubai

Among all the emirates of UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi specifically offer various sizes and types of commercial properties. You can find small offices, large offices, or even ample floor space if you want to move your entire company. The commercial properties in UAE feature innovative modern options, highly served places with technology, and a comfortable surrounding environment for employees to have the best work atmosphere while working. 

Residential Properties 


Apartments options in Emirates vary from studios and standard apartments with one or more bedrooms to luxurious penthouses. As for the furnishers, there are also furnished or unfurnished apartments in addition to semi-furnished properties that include essential equipment such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and cooking stoves/ovens. 

Modern buildings in UAE contain a lot of recreation options, such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, security, and walking areas. 


Villas are the most luxurious and high-quality places to live in, especially if you want to rent with your family. UAE's large villas feature 24-hour security and a host of facilities, such as community centers, shopping areas, pharmacies, playgrounds, parks, swimming pools, gyms, and so on. Villa's option varies from two to four-bedroom and even more with front and back yards. 

Large villas can include more than five or six bedrooms, extensive gardens, a private swimming pool, and Maintenance options. 


Where is The Cheapest Villa for Rent in UAE? 

If you already prefer to live in wide spaces, outdoor or indoor, then Dubai's villas are perfect for you to rent and live in. However, have you asked yourself where the cheapest villa for rent in UAE is? You can find numerous villas for rent in various areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates. You can visit Al Majid property website and choose the features you want. 


What is the Average Apartment Rental in Dubai? 

The rental costs in UAE can differ from one area to another and from one emirate to another. Dubai has the country's highest rental fee, and then comes Abu Dhabi. This high cost of renting in Dubai and Abu Dhabi does not affect the high quality of living in the rest emirates. So, this is precious information to know, especially when dealing with real estate companies in Dubai. 

Rents in the United Arab Emirates are managed by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Therefore, you can clearly view the rental index wherever you live in the UAE. However, in Dubai specifically, you can use the Rental Increase Calculator to get an idea of rental prices in this charming city. 

Our company can give you the last few tips: whether you are planning to rent a house, apartment, penthouse, vacation home rentals, or villa with a private pool for daily rent, do not rent more than 25% of your CTC budget. Second, we advise you not to fall for the traps of luxurious and costly apartments where you can easily find cheaper and elegant ones. 

Finally, you can contact Al Majid Property if you are looking for trusted agents and cheap commissions when finding your dream property.