Mirdif Dubai: Area Guide

  • March 19 2024
Mirdif Dubai: Area Guide

We know you have been waiting for this week’s area guide. Here we are, with Mirdif Dubai detailed area guide!

Mirdif is an ideal choice if you are searching for a quiet, secure and family-friendly community in Dubai.  

The area is bustling, well-served by public transport and surrounded by several major roads that connect it to Dubai.  

Read on to learn important details about this fantastic area if you are thinking about moving to Mirdif.

Mirdif Dubai—A Quick Overview 

Uptown Mirdif

Mirdif, a beautiful residential neighborhood is located in the northern region of Dubai. It is renowned for having a large number of retail establishments and lush parks.   

Both tourists and locals can choose from a wide range of educational institutes, medical facilities, dining options, and recreational amenities in the neighborhood.  

Since 2002, Mirdif has experienced substantial growth, with a population of over 300,000.  

Mirdif is an ideal living option for you if you are:

  • New or established family with kids in school or older kids.
  • Foreign or a local family.
  • A professional looking for low rental rates.
  • Employee or flight attendant at Dubai International Airport.
  • Work in Sharjah but want to live in Dubai.

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Location and Accessibility

Mirdif is a suitable location between Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed and Emirates Road. Residents can reach Deira, Festival City and Dubai International Airport in only a few minutes.

From Mirdif, you can drive to the following locations:

  • Dubai International Airport: 10 minutes
  • Downtown Dubai: 19 minutes
  • Mall of the Emirates: 26 minutes
  • Dubai Marina: 31 minutes
  • Jebel Ali: 45 minutes

The area has residential buildings, office towers and motorsport facilities. The surrounding areas include:  

  • Rashidiya  
  • Umm Ramool  
  • Nad Al Sheba


Public Facilities and Transportation

public transportation Dubai

You can commute in a car or travel by bus while living in Mirdif. To make it easier to get to the bus station, the area offers clean and accessible streets.  


The buses travel through Uptown Mirdif Streets 1, 2, and 15, and arrive at various community locations.


Taking a taxi or using an online taxi service, like Uber, is another easy way to get around.  

Also, as there isn’t much traffic in the neighborhood, drivers won’t have any trouble exploring the peaceful streets.

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Since the 1990s, Mirdif has been a well-liked residential neighborhood, expanding in tandem with Dubai to reflect the growth of the city.

Residential apartment buildings, local villas, townhouses, and gated & ungated compounds are found in Mirdif.  

The recent opening of a sizable freehold development will increase the options available to foreign buyers in the area, even though the majority of the owners are local Emiratis and GCC citizens.

Ghoroob, Shurooq Uptown Mirdif and Mirdif Tulip are the 4 low rise sub-communities that are accessible to residents. Every sub-community is unique, and all residents have basic facilities that are on par with those found in other parts of the city.

What draws so many renters to Mirdif are the villas, there are standalone and semi-detached villas scattered around the neighborhood, with varying layouts, styles and amenities.

Many include spacious gardens that are ideal for family living as well as individual or shared pools.  

In contrast to other communities in Dubai, the villas in Mirdif provide residents with a choice of façade and interior layouts.

Since most of the villas in Mirdif were constructed either single or in small groups by several developers, many of them feature unique exterior and interior designs that have transformed throughout time.  

Mirdif Land New Villas

One excellent option is Mirdif Land New Villas (E). It is a 3-storey residential villa located in Mirdif and is 5 minutes from Mirdif City Centre.  

One of the biggest advantages of living in Mirdif is the area's peaceful and tranquil environment.  

In fact, Mirdif is one of the few neighborhoods that are only residential with no skyscrapers, hotels, or tourist attractions, making it truly feel like a retreat away from the bustle of the city.  

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Amenities and Services

Here are the prominent amenities and services in Mirdif:

  • Home to international nurseries, primary schools and high schools
  • Spinney's supermarket in Uptown Mirdif, and Carrefour in Mirdif City Centre
  • Several smaller groceries and mini marts throughout the neighborhood
  • Home to Dubai's beautiful Mushrif Park
  • A number of mosques in the area, there's also a church and temple nearby
  • A variety of green and outdoor spaces, and children's play areas
  • Fitness First gym with swimming pool and others

There are many things to do in Mirdif, and lots of opportunities for outdoor living and family-friendly activities in Mirdif. Families looking for kid-friendly activities and attractions can visit Mirdif City Centre and Uptown Mirdif when the weather is too hot.  

Mirdif City Centre has a ton of eateries, retail stores with international brands, home and lifestyle businesses, and lots of kid-friendly entertainment options like indoor football.

Throughout Mirdif, you can also discover eateries, barbeque pits, fitness centers, picnic spots, and beauty parlors.

Fans of the big screen can enjoy VOX cinemas at Mirdif City Centre, and the kids can enjoy indoor football.  

Shopping and Lifestyle

city centre Mirdif

With multiple prominent retail centers, including Uptown Mirdif and the Mirdif City Centre, the area is like a shopping haven.

It has a variety of activities, including movie theaters for movie buffs, kid’s entertainment centers, and restaurants offering both international and local cuisine.  

The huge Mirdif City Centre, also known as MCC, is located on the outskirts of the neighborhood.  

Apart from the numerous stores in Mirdif City Centre, there’s a lineup of elite artists and entertainment to captivate people of all ages.  

park in Mirdif

In addition, there are many parks and sports facilities in the community, which makes it an excellent spot to enjoy the outdoors and be in shape.

The neighborhood is a wonderful area for both residents and tourists because it offers something for everyone. So, Mirdif is an incredibly wonderful area to live in, with everything from entertainment venues and lush parks to chic eateries and hip cafes.

The Arabian Centre and Etihad Mall are situated in close proximity to the community. Another well-liked shopping center in Mirdif is Park Centre Mirdif.

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Dining Options

dining options in Mirdif

In addition to the restaurants in the City Centre, Uptown Mirdif has a good number of eateries that are well-liked by the locals.  

Together with large international chains like Starbucks, Mirdif boasts a good number of unique small cafes that allow locals to choose whatever they feel like that particular day!

There are numerous restaurants to choose from, including Arz Lebanon (a Lebanese restaurant), Chin Chin (Chinese Restaurant), Aljood Mandy Restaurant 2, and more.

Also, there are Costa Coffee, Macchiato Cafe, Filli Cafe, Kuttab Cafe, and a few more.  

Educational Facilities

Well, there are a lot of considerations when deciding where to live. These would be things like retail services, clinics, and modes of transportation.

However, one of those crucial elements in relation to families is the local educational institutes and school systems.

Thankfully, there are many top-notch educational options in the town. Also, there is easy access to transit from and to Mirdif, even in cases where a particular school is not nearby.

The most prominent schools in Mirdif include:

  • Star International School
  • GEMS Royal Dubai School       
  • Mirdif American School

Most Prominent Universities in Mirdif include:

  • University of Modern Sciences
  • University of Sharjah


Healthcare Facilities

hospital in Mirdif

Well, any locality must have access to healthcare facilities. In case of an emergency, they have to be close to the villages and neighborhoods.  

Mirdif has a number of healthcare facilities where you can discover everything you require for your health and fitness.  

A prominent hospital in Mirdif, HMS Mirdif Hospital, has state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experienced healthcare professionals. It offers comprehensive services ranging from diagnostics to specialized treatments, ensuring the well-being of its patients.  

Most prominent clinics in Mirdif include:

  • Mediclinic 
  • Medcare Medical Centre 
  • Sultan Al Olama Medical Center 
  • Kaya Skin Clinic 

Most prominent Pharmacies in Mirdif include:

  • Aster Pharmacy 
  • Super Care Pharmacy 
  • Bin Sina Pharmacy 

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Is Mirdif a good place to live in Dubai?

Mirdif is regarded as an excellent area to live in Dubai. It provides a peaceful setting with lots of parks, green areas and leisure amenities. There is a sense of community and family friendliness throughout the neighborhood.  

Supermarkets, shopping malls, and schools are easily accessible for the residents. For those looking for a nice and comfortable place to live in Dubai, Mirdif is a well-liked option due to its reasonable housing options and ideal location.  

How much does it cost to live in Mirdif Dubai?

When compared to other places, Mirdif Dubai has a comparatively low cost of living. The cost of food, eating out, and transportation is affordable for a person who has a medium to high standard income. Mirdif provides a well-balanced lifestyle with ease and convenience.  

How far is Mirdif from the city center?

Mirdif is roughly 10-15 km away from Dubai’s city center. The actual distance may differ based on where you are in Mirdif and where you want to go in the city center.  

Depending on the traffic, it can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes by car in and out of Mirdif. Also, there are alternate routes from Mirdif to the city center via public transport such as buses and Dubai Metro.

What area is next to Mirdif?

A number of areas and neighborhoods are close to Mirdif. It has a boundary with Al Mizhar to the west and Al Warqa to the north. The residential area of Khawaneej is linked to Mirdif to the south while Rashidiya and the Dubai International Airport are located to the east. The accessibility and general community atmosphere of Mirdif are boosted by these surrounding areas.  

Wrap Up

Mirdif grand mosque

Well, it makes sense that a lot of individuals are opting to invest and live in this neighborhood given its prime location, easy access to the city, educational and healthcare facilities.

For people who want to invest in rental homes for the long term, Mirdif is a great option due to its large mid-house and villa markets.  

Similarly, if you are looking to live in a tranquil and peaceful neighborhood, consider renting villas in the area.  

Not sure how to find the perfect home for you and your family? Get help from our real estate experts at +971 4 271 5252. We are happy to help you in finding the right property for rent in Mirdif.