10 Reasons to Live in Dubai: It’s Not What You Think It Is!

  • October 18 2023
Reasons to Live in Dubai

Dubai, with its futuristic skyline, rich cultural scene and abundant opportunities, attracts tourists, businesspeople and families from all corners of the globe.  

It's not just a hotspot for tourists; it's a melting pot where individuals from backgrounds come to forge their futures.  

Whether you're looking to relocate to Dubai or simply intrigued by its allure, here are 10 reasons why making Dubai your home is worth considering.  

Let’s start with the obvious one...

Reason 1: Booming Economy and Job Opportunities

Dubai Economy

The UAE holds the 25th spot in the Global Competitiveness Index 2023. Dubai boasts an economy as a global commercial center including sectors like finance, tourism, real estate and technology.

The city consistently draws in talent with a multitude of job openings. It’s estimated that 85% of Dubai’s population comprises expats – this shows proof of its appeal to professionals.  

If you are looking to rent an office in Dubai, Business Center Bur Dubai offers some suitable options for you.

Reason 2: Safety and Low Crime Rates

Dubai is renowned for its reputation, safe environment and low incidence of crime.

The city prioritizes safety, making it a great location to raise a family or just relax without any concerns.

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Reason 3: Cultural Diversity

cultural diversity 

Dubai offers a blend of cultures drawing in people from around the world.  

This diverse expat community creates an environment of acceptance, appreciation and the chance to enjoy customs and culinary delights.

Thriving Cultural Scene

Despite the perception of Dubai as a hub for luxury and glitz, the city thrives with activities. The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature is an example of attracting authors and book lovers alike.

From art shows to music events and live theater performances, Dubai offers an array of immersive experiences.

Reason 4: Lots of Residential Options

Dubai offers a lot of housing options for those in search of apartments or villas. Whether you are looking for a modern urban lifestyle in a chic flat in Al Muteena or the serenity of a villa in Mirdif, Dubai has it all!  

The real estate sector caters to diverse tastes, offering high-rise apartments, with breathtaking views and spacious villas surrounded by lush gardens.

With amenities, several neighborhoods and pricing options available in Dubai ensures that individuals and families can discover their rental property tailored to their unique lifestyles and requirements.

Reason 5: World-Class Education

Jam Marina Residence

For families residing in Dubai, there is no shortage of schools delivering high standards of education.

These schools offer programs such as British, American, IB and others to provide students with a well-rounded international education curriculum.

Reason 6: Tax Haven

The UAE ranks 16th on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index. This favorable ranking makes Dubai an attractive destination for many due to its tax policies.  

In Dubai, there are no income taxes, capital gains taxes or inheritance taxes. This allows individuals to enjoy their earnings without the burden of tax deductions.

Reason 7: Innovative Infrastructure

Dubai is well known for its infrastructure, such as Burj Khalifa, which holds the title of the world's tallest building. The city’s innovative engineering and architectural feats also extend to artificial islands like Palm Jumeirah. Let’s discuss some facts:

- World’s Busiest Airport: Dubai International Airport stands out as one of the airports globally having accommodated over 83 million passengers in the 2 years solidifying its status as a key travel hub.

world class education system

- Burj Khalifa: A skyscraper in Dubai proudly claims the title of the man-made structure worldwide soaring to an impressive height of 828 meters (2,717 feet).

- Artificial Islands: Among Dubai’s features are its islands, like Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands. Palm Jumeirah, shaped like a palm tree, is renowned as one of the man-made islands globally. It serves both residential and tourism purposes.

Dubai metro system

- Extensive Metro System: Dubai boasts a metro system that spans 75 kilometers, ranking among the most expansive systems worldwide. It plays a key role in the city's public transportation system easing traffic congestion and encouraging eco-friendly travel options.

Reason 8: World-Class Healthcare

Dubai is renowned for its outstanding healthcare services and top-notch hospitals. The healthcare infrastructure consistently receives good ratings for its quality and accessibility, ensuring that residents receive top-tier medical treatment.

Reason 9: Quality of Life

Dubai Lifestyle - Reasons to Live in Dubai

Let's all agree that the lifestyle in Dubai is exceptional. From residences to shopping experiences, fine dining and diverse entertainment options, Dubai offers a coveted lifestyle that many desire.

Reason 10: Strategic Location

Atlantis hotel Dubai

Dubai’s strategic location makes it a global travel hub. With top-notch airport infrastructure, tourists can easily access captivating destinations within the region and beyond.

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That’s not all, There’s more…

8 Lesser-Known Things to Know Before Moving to Dubai

Moving to Dubai can be quite thrilling. There are some variations and lesser-known details to keep in mind. Here are 8 lesser-known facts to consider before moving to this City of Gold:

Weekend Days  

In Dubai’s government sector, the workweek typically spans from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend – like in many other parts of the world.  

However, a few companies and agencies have Friday off, with Saturday as the start of their week.

Tolerance and Respect

Although Dubai is renowned for its tolerance, it's essential to show respect for customs and laws. Indecent public displays of affection, unauthorized alcohol consumption or offensive behavior may result in negative consequences.

Alcohol Laws

no alcohol

While Dubai has licensed establishments where alcohol is served, consuming alcohol in certain areas is prohibited. Non-Muslim residents have the option to apply for an alcohol permit, allowing them to purchase alcohol from outlets.

Utility Deposits

When arranging utilities like electricity and water services, you anticipate having to pay a security deposit. Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions governing these deposits.

Driving License Conversion

Depending on your country of origin you might need to undergo a driving assessment to convert your foreign driver's license into a UAE license. Be informed about the criteria and procedures involved.

Rent Payments  

rental payment

In Dubai, many landlords prefer tenants to pay their rent annually in advance rather than in installments. It's important to be ready for this payment arrangement when looking for accommodation.

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Rent Increases 

Rent increases in Dubai are closely monitored and regulated. Any increase in rent must adhere to the guidelines set by the rental increase calculator provided by the Dubai Land Department. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to prevent facing price hikes.

Annual Leave

Labor laws in Dubai guarantee employees annual leave entitlements. It's crucial to review your employment contract and benefits package. Typically, expatriates are entitled to enjoy 15 to 20 days of leave per year (terms and conditions apply).



How do I apply for a work visa in Dubai?

You need a job offer from a company based in Dubai in order to apply for a work visa there. The visa application procedure is normally started by your company, and you’ll need to provide the required documents, which includes your passport, a medical certificate, and paperwork of your living arrangements.

What are the best neighborhoods to live in Dubai for families?

Families should consider living in Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, Mirdif, or The Meadows as some of Dubai’s best communities. Schools, family-friendly amenities, and a secure atmosphere for kids can all be found in these places.

Can I buy property in Dubai as a foreigner?

Yes. Foreigners are welcome to invest in estate in Dubai as the city offers neighborhoods where non-UAE residents can own property. Popular areas like Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina are open for investments. It's important to understand laws and seek advice to ensure a smooth property transaction.

What is the cost of healthcare in Dubai, and is it of high quality?

Regarding healthcare costs in Dubai and its quality, prices vary based on the facility and services needed. The city provides both hospitals and private clinics maintaining a standard of healthcare that aligns with global practices. Expatriates often opt for healthcare due to service and a wider range of offerings despite it being more costly.

Are there any cultural customs or etiquette I should be aware of when living in Dubai?

It's crucial to respect the customs and traditions of Islam such as refraining from drinking and avoiding displaying unusual affection during Ramadan.

How can I find job opportunities in Dubai before moving there?

Prior to your move, use online job portals and reach out to recruitment agencies specializing in the Middle East to discover potential career options in Dubai. Tailor your resume to showcase skills to the Dubai job market. Consider attending industry events and career expos.

Is Dubai a safe place to live?

Yes, living in Dubai is considered safe. With its reputation for low crime rates and stringent security measures implemented by the government, you can feel completely secure here. Taking precautions for safety is advisable, as you would in any major city.

What are the top international schools in Dubai for expat children?

Starting a business venture as an entrepreneur in Dubai involves several key steps. These include selecting a business niche, securing a sponsor or partner, registering your enterprise with the Department of Economic Development and obtaining licenses and permits. In recent years, the government of Dubai has streamlined procedures to make it more accessible for investors.

What is the process for opening a business in Dubai as a foreign entrepreneur?

There are various procedures involved in starting a business in Dubai as a foreign entrepreneur. Choosing a business venture, locating a local sponsor or partner, registering your business with the Department of Economic Development, and acquiring the required licenses and permissions are normally required steps. The procedure has been made more accessible to foreign investors by Dubai's government in recent years.

Summing It Up

Dubai skyline

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Dubai isn’t just a city; it’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Dubai’s thriving economy, tax benefits, safe environment and overall high standard of living make it a popular choice for individuals looking to settle down in the region.  

Whether it's career prospects, diverse cultural experiences or the appeal of a lifestyle that pulls you in, Dubai caters to a variety of interests. It's a city where aspirations come to life, creating to a welcoming community for residents to call their own.

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