Al Garhoud Dubai: Area Guide

  • January 18 2024
Al Garhoud Dubai: Area Guide

Known by its local name, Al Garhoud is a smart blend of commercial and residential area, primarily because of its close proximity to Dubai International Airport.

Located between the old and new parts of Dubai, this region is well-liked by both foreigners and natives and offers commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Although the villas in this area of town are not as new as the more contemporary structures, they are nonetheless roomier and more thoughtfully designed than apartments in the new Dubai.  

Let’s have a detailed review of the neighborhood in this Al Garhoud Dubai area guide.

About Al Garhoud: An Overview  

Dubai landscape

Al Garhoud is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Dubai. This area, part of old Dubai, is developed and has several sub-communities for residential and business purposes.  

There is a wide range of villas and flats available to residents. There are many different types of shops and offices available for those seeking business space.  

All things considered, Al Garhoud is a great place to live for people who work here and wish to have a quiet neighborhood without having to travel far.

The Irish Village, which is now somewhat of a Dubai institution, is one of the most well-liked pubs, bars, and eateries in the area.

Due to increasing demand from business travelers, apartment towers are much more difficult to come by and, even though they are located on the flight path, are frequently costly.

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Location Details

Dubai International Airport

Many employees of Emirates Airlines live in Al Garhoud because of its proximity to Dubai International Airport. For people who work in Old Dubai and do not possess a car, this is a great area to live.  

The neighborhood may be a terrific spot for individuals to live and advance their careers, and it is well-served by public transit.

Near several of Dubai's most well-liked attractions is Garhoud. The most notable local attractions are listed below:

- Dubai International Airport is about five minutes away.

- Ten minutes away is Al Garhoud Deira, Dubai.

- Dubai Festival City is ten minutes distant.

- Dubai Bur: eighteen minutes away

- Dubai Creek is eighteen minutes away.

- Dubai's downtown is 18 minutes away.

- Jumeirah Beach is 20 minutes distant.

Transportation and Accessibility


Metro Al Garhoud has GGICO, its own metro station. Walking to the Irish Village takes seven minutes, and it just takes thirty seconds to get to the nearby Fuddruckers burger business. Routes 32C, X28, and 44 travel in an uninterrupted loop around the region, making it simple to switch between buses that go to and from Jebel Ali, Deira, Mirdif and Bur Dubai.  

Taxis are usually easy to find, especially near hotels. However, if you hop in and ask to go to Sharjah at rush hour, don't expect the drivers to be happy—it will take them ninety minutes for a comparatively low fare.

Real Estate and Housing

housing in Dubai

Al Garhoud offers a wide variety of residential homes to suit different tastes and budgets, from flats to villas. The resorts provide state-of-the-art amenities, including playgrounds, swimming pools, and fitness centers with round-the-clock security. Both locals and visitors can easily explore the city thanks to the area's ample parking and public transportation options.

In addition to fantastic residential properties, the area is home to many shopping centers, supermarkets, and other retail businesses that offer a range of products and services. Residents also enjoy shopping at the many malls in the area.

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Residential Property in Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud offers a variety of residential property sizes to accommodate various demands and budgets. Apartments in Al Garhoud normally range in size from 400 to 1,800 square feet and contain studios to three-bedroom homes.  

Villas and townhouses in Al Garhoud, ranging in size from 2,500 to 7,000 square feet, give additional room and privacy.

Commercial Property in Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud Business Center, Dubai  

Available commercial spaces in Al Garhoud range from 600 to 5,000 square feet. These offices suit companies seeking a strategic position near the airport and main commercial centres.  

Overall, Al Garhoud is a popular area in Dubai due to its handy location and diverse housing options that accommodate a range of budgets and lifestyles.

Al Garhoud Business Center

Al Garhoud Business Center front view

The four-story Business Center is a perfect option if you are looking for offices or commercial shops. It is situated in the center of Al Gharhoud and offers 516,000 square feet of commercial space, along with parking and a rooftop jogging track with lockers and showers. GIGCO metro station is five minutes away. Also, there is a wide choice of restaurants and outlets.

There are rental units in the region that are available. Having access to public transportation makes it one of the best places to live. These are a few of the Garhoud residential neighborhoods, along with the kinds and costs of the available properties. You can find properties for rent in Al Garhoud and nearby areas on our website.

Also, the area has many top-notch healthcare facilities that offer patients the best possible care.  

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Amenities and Facilities

city center Deira

Garhoud is one of the most developed suburbs on this side of town, despite being a part of Old Dubai. A good number of the flats are generously spaced between, making pedestrian-friendly paths ideal for cycling and running.  

Although it is more prevalent in the villa area, you may frequently see a pet owner strolling their pet through the apartments.

Because of the high caliber of the schools, there are many parks and recreational areas that are ideal for picnics and leisure activities for people who enjoy being outside, as well as highly skilled educators. In addition, the area boasts a number of sports clubs that allow locals to participate in sports and maintain their physical fitness.

You will be genuinely pampered by Garhoud's accessibility, conveniences, and facilities. There are the following facilities in Al Garhoud:

- Grocery stores and supermarkets like Choithrams  

- Cafes and restaurants with a wide selection of dishes and takeaway and delivery choices;

- International curriculums are taught in elementary through high schools.

- Clinics, hospitals, drugstores, and more healthcare establishments

- Mosques that serve as places of prayer and devotion

- Parks in the community

- Gas stations  

- Lodgings and short-term rentals

- Indoor gyms  

- Salons and spas

- Bank branches and ATMs

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Hotels In Al Garhoud

Al Garhoud has a lot of hotels because it's close to the international airport, such as the Premier Inn and Jumeirah Creekside.

Several 4-star hotels are nearby, including the Dubai International Hotel, the Millennium Airport Hotel, Roda Al Bustan, and the Le Meridien Hotel and Conference Centre. The five-star Roda Al Bustan and Jumeirah Creekside hotels include top-notch dining options and services.

Culture and Lifestyle

traditional market in old Dubai

Al Garhoud has a number of malls and retail establishments with a wide range of products and services. These shopping centers offer a range of domestic and international brands to satisfy the diverse needs of the neighborhood.  

They are large, well-stocked, and furnished with modern conveniences, which make shopping easy and enjoyable.  

Following their shopping, visitors can have a bite to eat at one of the Al Garhoud malls' many dining options, which include restaurants, fast food chains, and cafes. They also offer a range of recreational facilities, including play areas for kids, arcades, and cinemas.

The Wafi Mall, City Center Deira, and Dubai Festival City are the top retail centers/malls.

Tourist Attractions: Things to Do in Al Garhoud Dubai

There are a few fun places in Al Garhoud Dubai that are well worth seeing. Here are our top recommendations for things to do in Al Garhoud.  

Al Garhoud Parks  

Al Garhoud Parks 1, 2, and 3 are located in this area. There are parks all around the villages in the area, so there is always a garden close by no matter where you reside.  

Irish Village

Adjacent to the Dubai Tennis Stadium in Garhoud, The Irish Village, Dubai's tribute to Dublin, is a well-liked attraction. It feels like a true retreat to Ireland because of the welcoming staff, traditional cuisine, and lively al fresco atmosphere.

With live musicians performing on the outdoor stage, Irish Village is always humming with activity. Prominet figures like Ali Campbell, The Proclaimers, and Sir Bob Geldof have performed there.  

After multiple expansions, the Village terrace can currently hold up to 3500 guests for concerts and special events.  

In honor of the venue's tenth anniversary, a statue honoring Irish folk musicians was unveiled in 2007.

Dubai Tennis Stadium

Dubai's tennis is quite affordable, especially during the early rounds, and well worth a visit. You'll have no trouble finding something to eat or drink at the Irish Village! Everyone is welcome to sit, so arrive early to secure the best seats.  

Restaurants in Al Garhoud Dubai

Are you trying to find an excellent restaurant in Al Garhoud? These are a few locations you might find appealing:

Al Hallab Garhoud

Delicious Lebanese cuisine is served at Al Hallab Restaurant Garhoud. It is reasonably priced; around AED 180 for two people.

Al Mawal Restaurant Al Bustan Rotana  

This Lebanese restaurant is located in the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel and serves delectable dishes along with Arabian nighttime entertainment. You are entertained while you eat by singers and dancers.

Debonairs Pizza Al Garhoud

If you are in the mood for some delectable pizza, you have come to the perfect place. You can pay AED 100 for your meals at this great pizza shop with a companion.

Al Mahara Restaurant Garhoud

Indian cuisine is served at Al Mahara, where a satisfying supper for two costs AED 40.

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Is Al Garhoud a good place to live?

Al Garhoud is regarded as an excellent area to live in for a variety of reasons. Access to important locations, facilities, and transit is made simple by its central Dubai position.  

A variety of residential and business areas are available in the neighborhood, resulting in a well-balanced environment. It's a practical option for anyone looking for a cozy and connected place to live, with parks, schools, and retail centers close by.

Which city is Garhoud in?

One of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates is Dubai, where Garhoud is situated. It is located in the Al Garhoud district, which is well-known for being strategically close to Dubai International Airport and other important landmarks.  

Garhoud is a busy suburb of Dubai that provides a mix of business, residential, and recreational options, making it a popular choice for both locals and visitors.

When was the Al Garhoud Bridge built?

Al Garhoud Bridge was built in 1976. At peak volume, around 9,000 cars crossed the bridge every hour in 2007. After Al Maktoum Bridge, the old Al Garhoud Bridge was the second bridge built to span the Creek.  

What are the top residential areas in Al Garhoud, Dubai?

Some of the top residential areas in Al Garhoud, Dubai include:

- Airport Road Area.

- Al Muhairbi Building.

- Garhoud Views.

- Dubai Creek & Yacht Club Residence.

- Garhoud Atrium.

What are the average rental and purchase prices for properties in Al Garhoud?

The following is the average yearly rental cost for apartments for rent in Al Garhoud:

- Studio apartment: AED 55,000

- 1 bedroom apartment: AED 74,000

- 2 bedroom apartment: AED 85,000

- 3 bedroom apartment: AED 110,000  

- 4 bedroom apartment: AED 135,000

Similarly, these are the average annual rental cost for villas for rent in Al Garhoud:

- 3 bedroom villa: AED 120,000

- 4 bedroom villa: AED 170,000

Can you find luxury accommodation options in Al Garhoud for tourists?

Indeed, Al Garhoud provides travelers with a range of opulent lodging choices. Many amenities are offered by upscale hotels and serviced apartments, such as gourmet dining, spa services, and easy access to major attractions.  

Visitors to Al Garhoud can find opulent lodging options that suit their tastes and provide an unforgettable experience, whether they're looking for an opulent hotel stay or a luxurious serviced apartment.

What are some of the key landmarks or attractions in Al Garhoud?

The following are prominent landmarks or tourist attractions in Al Garhoud:

- Dubai International Airport: It is a significant worldwide hub.

- Irish Village: A well-liked eatery with a distinctive ambience.

- Deira City Centre: An expansive retail and leisure hub.

- The iconic Al Garhoud Bridge links important locations.

- Grand Hyatt Dubai: An opulent hotel featuring breathtaking interior design and facilities.

- Le Méridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre: A renowned luxury hotel.

- Creek Park: It is a tranquil green area beside Dubai Creek.

- Aviation Club: Recreational and sports center.

Is Al Garhoud a good location for business and professional opportunities?

Yes, Al Garhoud is a good place to find professional and business prospects. It is conveniently located close to Dubai International Airport and has good connectivity. There are a lot of businesses, offices, and conference centers in the neighborhood.  

It is the perfect hub for professionals due to its advantageous position, close access to important business districts, and vibrant business community.  

Al Garhoud's attraction for business-related activities and networking opportunities is further enhanced by the existence of respectable hotels, conference centers, and amenities.

Summing It Up

Dubai Creek

As mentioned above, Al Garhoud is also well-known for its family-friendly atmosphere, which makes it the perfect choice for parents who want to raise their kids nearby without compromising on excellent local recreation or educational opportunities.

Residents may easily get anything they need without having to travel far from their homes because of the abundance of shops in the region.  

In the end, Al Garhoud offers the ideal fusion of opulent living and easy access, making it a popular destination for those who value both suburban peace and quiet and city life!

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