Al Majaz, Sharjah: Area Guide

  • October 10 2023
Al Majaz, Sharjah: Area Guide

Al Majaz is a vibrant neighborhood in Sharjah that beautifully combines modern living with cultural roots.  

Let’s explore Al Majaz together in this guide discussing its history, modern attractions, housing options and much more.  

Whether you're thinking about relocating to this area or simply interested in learning more keep reading to uncover the charm of Al Majaz.

History and Background

Al majaz panoramic view   

The name "Al Majaz" originates from the term "Majz" which translates to "spring" or "water source".  

In the past, the region was renowned for its freshwater springs, drawing people with its appealing environment.

With time, Al Majaz has evolved into a hub while reflecting its ancestral heritage.

Residential Options

Al Majaz offers an array of offerings that appeal to both locals and expatriates alike. Here are some of the housing options found in the area:


Al Nahda Building

Primarily characterized by apartment complexes, Al Majaz presents a range of choices, from waterfront homes to budget friendly accommodations.  

These apartments boast amazing views of Khalid Lagoon and the iconic Al Noor Mosque. You can also explore Al Nahda residential apartments that offer a scenic city view.


Mirdif villas  

While not as common as apartments, there are communities in Al Majaz that provide spacious living areas and private gardens. If you're in search of something understated, consider checking out these villas in Mirdif.  

Waterfront Living

Al Majaz is renowned for its waterfront housing giving residents the chance to reside near the Khalid Lagoon.

Residential Towers  

Residential towers feature modern amenities like swimming pools, gyms and concierge services to cater to those looking for a lavish lifestyle.

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Commercial Buildings

Central Market Al Majaz   

In the Al Majaz area, you'll find commercial buildings that create a bustling business environment with contemporary facilities and strategic locations for businesses and organizations.

If you're considering renting commercial space, Central Market offers ideal options ranging from 151 sq. ft. To 232 sq. ft commercial shops.

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Sub Communities of Al Majaz  

Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz 2, and Al Majaz 3 form the trio of sub-communities in this district. Most residents favor Al Majaz 2 for its scenic waterfront residences, fun -filled splash zones and diverse dining options.

Al Majaz 1

Al Nakheel Oasis and the iconic Al Noor Mosque stand out as landmarks in Al Majaz 1. The lush Al Nakheel Oasis is home to a variety of birds amidst date palms bearing succulent dates.  

The lit façade of the Al Noor Mosque at night makes it a popular spot for photography enthusiasts in Sharjah and is open to all visitors.  

Additionally, several hotels like Holiday International, Marbella Resort and Embassy Suites can be found in this area.

Al Majaz 2

Al Majaz 2 boasts attractions such as the waterfront area, playful splash pads, miniature golf courses, childcare centers and charming family train rides.  

Families often gather near the setting of the Al Taqwa mosque in the evenings for relaxation and bonding time. The residents of Sharjah love being part of such a maintained community space. 

Al Majaz 3

Al Majaz 3 is an area with buildings like the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, banks and telephone companies. Attractions like Al Safeah Park and the Arab Culture Centre and Club add more appeal to the neighborhood.

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Attractions and Entertainment

In terms of entertainment, Al Majaz offers a range of activities to keep both residents and tourists entertained.  

Here are some of the key attractions and entertainment options in the area:

Al Majaz Waterfront

Al Majaz waterfront 

The Al Majaz Waterfront alongside Khalid Lagoon boasts a promenade, green spaces and various dining options ideal for walks or family outings.  

It is an ideal place for a casual stroll, family outings, or enjoying mesmerizing musical fountain shows in the evening.

Al Majaz Amphitheatre

Additionally, the Al Majaz Amphitheatre hosts events, concerts and performances that unite the community through art and music.

Al Noor Island

Another highlight is Al Noor Island in Khalid Lagoon, known for its eco-friendly environment with a butterfly house, artistic installations and beautifully landscaped gardens.

For those who appreciate nature and art, it is a destination to explore.

Sharjah Aquarium  

Sharjah aquarium   

Situated nearby, Sharjah Aquarium is a captivating spot that presents marine creatures from the Arabian Gulf. It offers an enjoyable experience for both education and family entertainment.

Dining and Cafes

Al Majaz boasts an array of dining choices from Emirati dishes to delicacies. The locality is renowned for its dining options, ensuring there's something to please every taste bud.

Restaurants in Al Majaz specializing in Middle Eastern cuisine offer Emirati, Lebanese, Turkish and Yemeni fare. Examples of these eateries include Al Shewaa Cafeteria, Tareeq Al Buhaira, Al Fanar Restaurant, Al Bait Al Baghdadi, Hannouf Restaurant, as Restaurant & Sweets Dhiya Al Sham.

Moreover, several international restaurant chains such as Shakespeare and Co., Texas Chicken, McDonalds, Nando's, KFC and Domino's Pizza have outlets near Al Majaz.


shopping mall in Sharjah 

Al Majaz offers access to shopping complexes and retail stores like the Al Majaz Waterfront Mall where you can find a variety of fashion items, electronics, and more.

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Education and Healthcare

For families interested in residing in Al Majaz, the area offers access to educational and medical facilities.

Educational Institutions

Al Majaz boasts numerous esteemed schools and nurseries, ensuring that children receive quality education.

Healthcare Services

The neighborhood is well linked to healthcare facilities and hospitals providing residents with quick assistance when required.

Connectivity and Transportation

Al Majaz’s prime location guarantees effortless connectivity to major roadways, increasing convenience for inhabitants and commuters. Here's a breakdown of the area's accessibility:

- Network of Roads: Al Majaz enjoys connections to roads such as Al Wahda Street and King Faisal Street facilitating travel to other parts of Sharjah and neighboring emirates.

- Public Transport: Residents benefit from a network of buses and taxis that offer convenient commuting options.

- Water Taxis: The presence of water taxis provides a mode of transportation linking Al Majaz with waterfront locales in Sharjah.

Community and Lifestyle

Al Majaz embarkment   

Al Majaz is renowned for its varied community, fostering an environment ideal for families. Residents in the area have the opportunity to enjoy events, recreational activities, and have a strong sense of community.

The neighborhood hosts regular festivals that reflect both traditions and global cultures promoting unity and empathy among its residents.

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Is Al Majaz a family-friendly neighborhood?

Yes. Al Majaz is a family-friendly neighborhood offering a welcoming community atmosphere, recreational facilities, educational options and an array of culturally enriching events for all ages.

What are the best times to visit Al Majaz Waterfront for events and activities?

The best times to visit Al Majaz Waterfront are typically pleasant evenings and weekends when the weather is mild. This enhances the experience of exploring waterfront attractions and participating in cultural happenings.  

It’s recommended to plan your visit between October and March to avoid the summer heat. During this period, the weather remains favorable for activities and leisurely outings.

Are there any pet-friendly parks in Al Majaz?

Yes! There are pet-friendly parks in Al Majaz where you can spend quality time with your pets. Al Majaz Waterfront is a spot for dog owners to walk with their friends.

How does Al Majaz compare to other neighborhoods in Sharjah in terms of affordability?

Compared to areas in Sharjah, Al Majaz is known for offering a budget-friendly living option. Many residents find it attractive as it strikes a balance between affordability and a satisfying lifestyle.

What public transportation options are available for commuting to Dubai from Al Majaz?

Taxis and various public transportation modes make commuting between Al Majaz and Dubai convenient. With access to Dubai via Sharjah’s connected road network, many residents can commute to work daily in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

Are there any special cultural festivals or celebrations unique to Al Majaz?

Al Majaz hosts events and festivals that often showcase Emirati traditions, art and music. The annual Sharjah Light Festival, which illuminates the neighborhood with light, displays and cultural activities is an example of a distinct cultural event in Al Majaz.

Wrap Up

Al Majaz Park 

Al Majaz, a prominent district in Sharjah, is renowned for its mix of leisure and cultural facilities. It perfectly combines tradition with modernity.  

The area boasts waterfronts, a cultural scene, various housing choices and a lively atmosphere. This makes Al Majaz a popular destination for living and exploring in Sharjah.  

Whether you seek a residence or a spot to enjoy your time, Al Majaz has unique attractions to offer.

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