What are the conditions for renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners?

  • February 15 2023
Conditions for renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners

Thousands of expats come to Dubai every year. . Considering that Dubai is an emirate with high costs, most foreigners resort to renting an apartment instead of buying it. The point to ponder here is that the conditions for renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners differ from the conditions for renting an apartment for Emirati citizens.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time and looking for accommodation, this article will provide you with all the necessary information about renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners.

Prices for renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners

Apartments for rent in Dubai

Residential property rental prices in Dubai vary according to the location, features, space, and amenities.
There are also different ways to pay the rent, as the tenant can pay the rent in full at once upon signing the contract, or in several installments in agreement with the real estate owner or the responsible real estate company.

Some real estate brokers require a commission fee of up to 5% of the maximum rental amount, and there are some real estate companies in Dubai through which you can rent with a 0% commission on the rent.
According to real estate legislation in Dubai, an increase in the value of rents in Dubai can only be applied after comparing it to the average rent in the concerned area according to the rental increase calculator of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

What documents are required to rent an apartment in Dubai for foreigners?

To complete the lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant, the tenant must provide official identification documents that include:

• A copy of a valid passport.

• A valid ID cards.

• Post-dated checks covering the agreed term of the lease

Registration of lease contracts for foreigners in Dubai

The contract signing procedure between the landlord and the tenant follows the registration of the contract at the concerned authority in the emirate. In Dubai, it is registered at the Dubai Municipality, while in Sharjah, it is registered at the Sharjah Municipality. The stage of contract registration is mandatory for everyone, in order to benefit from the services provided by state departments and institutions concerned with tenant affairs.

These services include water and electricity connection, internet connection, parking garage declarations and other details related to living services.
3% of the contract value is calculated and divided by 12 months when the lease contract is officially documented, and this value is added to the monthly water and electricity bill paid by the tenant.

In the Dubai, the landlord or the agent must register the lease contract in the Ejari system of the Land Department.
Foreigners looking for an apartment for rent in Dubai should know that the tenant must pay the housing fee to Dubai Municipality, and the housing fee is 5% of the annual rental fee. These fees are added to the monthly electricity and water bills.

How are rental disputes resolved?

Certainly, this is the last thing we want to happen, but disputes can form between the landlord and the tenant for several reasons, and in such a case, you must know who you will resort to guarantee your rights.

Rental disputes between the landlord and the tenant are resolved by the Rental Disputes Settlement Center of the Dubai Land Department. This center will include your rights and the rights of the property owner when you disagree on any matter.

When is it permissible for a landlord to raise the rent in Dubai?

Dubai Beach

Tenancy law in the United Arab Emirates in general and within Dubai as an emirate seeks to preserve the rights of tenants and landlords.
The law related to increasing the rent value stipulates that the landlord may not raise the rent before three years have passed since the signing of the contract.

As for the tenant's failure to pay the rent or the delay in payment, then the execution judge is referred to in order to determine a penalty amount that the tenant pays to the property owner.
This law supports the stability of the tenants, and protects them from the continuous search for a cheaper property before the expiry of three years. It also protects the landlord at the same time and guarantees him his rights.

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The most popular area for renting studios in Dubai

It is common for people not to look for spacious apartments for rent unless there is a family.

In the event that you are visiting Dubai alone and looking for a suitable apartment for rent, here are the best residential areas that have studios for rent for foreigners, and enjoy elegant and comfortable residential communities:

Jumeirah Village Circle

This high-end residential area is located in the heart of New Dubai, and its design enjoys wide green spaces and running water channels from all directions, and it is a quiet and comfortable area for living. This area also provides service and entertainment facilities for all ages.
Jumeirah Village Circle occupies the first place in the areas that provide studio apartments for rent to foreigners, and these studios are distinguished by their reasonable rent prices and comfortable monthly payments.

The property rent in New Jumeirah Village does not exceed 4,000 AED per month, and the average monthly rent is about 3,000 AED, while the average annual rent is approximately 36,000 AED.
As for its strategic location, it is located along the E44 highway called Al Khail Street, and it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to reach International City, Dubai Media City and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.


Deira ranked third among the best areas for renting apartments in Old Dubai, and it is one of the oldest commercial and residential neighborhoods in Dubai, in addition to being one of the most popular places to rent residential properties in Dubai.
The Deira region includes the old gold market, which offers permanent offers and discounts on jewelry, in addition to containing many distinctive tourist and heritage attractions that reflect the civilization and ancient past of the emirate.

There are various residential properties available for rent in the Deira area, and you can choose a suitable studio at a reasonable price and integrated services that suit you. Apartments in Deira are available for less than AED 4,000 per month. The average monthly rent for these studios is AED 2,400, and the average annual rent is AED 29,000.

International City in Dubai

Dubai International City

International City has been developed in Dubai since 2002, by constructing many residential buildings that are distinct from the rest of the emirate.
International City is located in the Al Warsan area near Academic City, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Al Warqa, which makes it one of the best areas for renting for people working in these sectors, who come to the emirate from different countries for the purpose of residence and work.

International City provides its residents with many service and entertainment facilities, green spaces and lakes, which makes living in this city very calm and stable.
Residential properties are abundant in this area and are distinguished by their reasonable monthly prices. The average rent in the area starts at AED 1,900, while the average annual rent is AED 23,000.

Bur Dubai

apartments in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai has many perks and benefits, which makes it a destination for many individuals and families.
Bur Dubai enjoys a strategic location in the center of old Dubai and includes communities of different nationalities. The area also provides its residents with a number of basic facilities, including schools and hospitals, in addition to multiple services such as international restaurants and recreational facilities with their various activities.

As for the residential properties available for rent to foreigners, they are numerous and varied, and are available in different sizes, reasonable prices, and suitable services for individuals and families.
A studio in Bur Dubai can be rented for no more than 4,000 dirhams per month, and the average monthly rent is 2,750 dirhams, while the average annual rent may reach approximately 33,000 dirhams.


Like other cities in the United Arab Emirates, renting an apartment in Dubai for foreigners requires a set of conditions and fees that must be met in order to rent a comfortable apartment in a suitable area.
Now that you have read this article, you have the necessary information that any renter in Dubai should know.

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